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GhostRider Ventures is a community of like-minded individuals navigating the financial markets.

GhostRider Ventures does not provide financial advice. Signals and live trading are solely for educational purposes and we are not responsible for any losses incurred. The site is intended as a general introduction to GhostRider Ventures and our services.

Ryan Tetrault (@0xGhostRider) has been trading and investing across the financial markets since 2017.
During his time as a speculator and investor, he has participated in the cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, metals, and stock indices futures market. His extensive experience has allowed him to develop an unmatched ability to identify opportunistic trades across a wide variety of time horizons and market conditions. 
Additionally, Ryan has been an early-stage venture investor and advisor to numerous cryptocurrency projects throughout the pre and post-launch phase. 
Previously, Ryan conceptualized and stealth launched a commercial real estate marketplace and has participated in the sale of more than $3 billion worth of real estate across the United States. 
Ryan attended California State University, Fullerton where he was the Men's Golf Team Captain and competed in four consecutive United States Amateur Championships before competing as a professional. 

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Who We Are

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What We Offer

Our community provides the resources to improve upon your existing knowledge of the financial markets. 



We provide an educational framework that can be applied to any financial market. The core principles that we teach are foundational knowledge, technical analysis, price action, risk management, and psychology.



You will benefit from gaining access to daily live trading sessions, receiving signals in real time, and insight into mapping market movements before they occur. Additionally, we provide weekly outlook & recap videos followed by live Q&A sessions.



You will gain access to our community of traders, investors, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs who all share a like-mindedness about wealth creation and life. We provide an unmatched environment where you can develop relationships and share ideas about the market.

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